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The Great Ski Race, Tahoe Cross-Country Ski Area, Tahoe City, CA

30K, Freestyle. Wave start. Point-to-point; Tahoe City to Truckee


Base: MF8 Blue

Glider: HF4 / HFxt Red

Topcoat: HF5 powder, and/or HF11 Block. Iron the powder in, let it cool, then “brush-up” the powder after the base cools. Iron the powder in again, and let it cool. Hand-cork, and after cooling again, brush and polish. HF11 block crayoned on, and ironed through a sheet of fiberlene will be very effective as well. Add a second rubbed-on layer of HF11 after brushing the first, ironed-in layer, and hand-cork only. Brush and polish.