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Mt. Spokane Nordic Cup JNQ, Mt. Spokane XC Park, Mead, WA

15/10/5/3K and 1K races. Classic technique. Mass starts.


Base: LF8 or MF8 Blue

Glide: HF6 Purple or HFxt Purple or FHF6 Purple.

Topcoat: FHF11, or HF11 block. HFxt Purple or HFxt Red Finishing Gels will also be fast.

Gripwax: Clean and sand bases.

Base: Iron in a layer of Base Wax, and clean excess off edges and groove.

Grip: Apply a layer or 2 of Synthetic Blue over the Base. Then apply 2 layers of RF Red grip, with a shorter 3rd layer under the ball of the foot and slightly forward of the binding. Then apply a thin layer of FHF60 over the top.