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Wasatch Citizen Series Race #2, White Pine Touring Center, Park City, UT

Saturday, January 5. 10am, 15k skate. Age Group wave start. 3 laps, 5k loop.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 12F, temp at start about 25F. Cold, dry, old snow warming throughout the day, mostly sunny with high near 40.

Glidewax: Apply LF10 Green, scrape while still warm, and brush. For U16 and older, apply MF8 or HF8 Blue, scrape and brush. For U14 Juniors, apply SG10 Green, and then SG8 Blue. For a topcoat, crayon a layer of HF13 block onto the base, and hand- or Roto-cork it into the base. Alt method: iron the crayoned layer of HF13 into the base, holding a piece of fiberlene between the iron and the base to avoid burning the ski base. Take approx 60 seconds to traverse the base, moving in one direction tip to tail. Let the base cool, then hand-cork, brush out with a dedicated fluoro brush, and polish. Note: no flouro topcoats for Junior racers.