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Ski Rennan Nordic Citizens Race, Icicle Creek Fish Hatchery, Leavenworth, WA

Saturday, January 5. Wave start. 10:30am first wave. 5/2.5/1.5 and Lollypop races, Classic technique.

Forecast/conditions: Above freezing temps with moisture in the days leading up to the race. Thin snowpack containing mostly transformed snow with some dirt. Highs around 40 Friday dropping to just below freezing Friday night, rising to mid-30s at race time. 40% chance of precipitation during race.

Glidewax: Apply LF8 Blue glider, scraped and brushed. Apply BM4 Purple Black Magic Glider, scraped and brushed. For topcoat, rub on BMR5 block, hand- or Roto-Corked, brushed and polished. Alt topcoat: BMR9 liquid, hand-corked, brushed and polished.

Gripwax: Sand grip zone with 150grit sandpaper. Apply a layer of Base blister and iron in, or apply Base Klister Spray. Let Base Klister cool/set, and then apply Purple KLister blended with Special Klister. It is possible that Black Magic Klister blended with the Purple and Special will improve performance of the grip and glide qualities of the wax.