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The Great Nordeen, Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center, Bend, OR

7:30am race start. 30K and 18K Skate. Mass start, point to point.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low 25F, with a Sunday high near 40. Partly cloudy.

Glidewax: Apply LF8 Blue, scrape and brush. Apply HF4 Red (0..-4) or FHF4 Purple (-1…-6C). Scrape and brush.

Topcoat: FHF11, rubbed on and ironed into base through a sheet of fiberlene. Apply a 2nd thin layer of FHF11, and hand-cork. AFter cooling, brush the ski with designated fluor brushes. Alternative fluor block: HF11, applied the same way as FHF11. Speed tip: Apply HF1 liquid HFxt Gel Purple on top of the rubbed on block, and roto-cork together. Hand-cork and brush.