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2019 Ski to the Sun Marathon and Relay, Methow Trails, Mazama, WA

40.6K skate or classic marathon. A team relay format is also offered. Races start at 8:30am, Corral Trailhead in Mazama.

Wax recommendations sent to us by local racer Brad Bauer. Thanks Brad!

**Updated 1/24/19

Glidewax: Apply LF8 or MF8 Blue as a base paraffin, and scrape and brush. Apply FHF4 or HF4, and scrape and brush.

Topcoat: FHF11 block, rubbed on and ironed through a sheet of fiberlene. Let cool, and hand cork. Polish with designated fluor brushes, and wipe with a cloth. Alternate method of application: Rub on FHF11, and apply FHF3 on top. Roto-cork the two together, let cool, hand-cork, and polish.