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Crescent Lake Challenge, Crescent Lake Resort, OR

23k freestyle mass start.

Forecast/conditions: Very snow conditions all week, prepare for soft snow race conditions. Saturday night chance of snow, lows around 17F. Sunday cloudy and windy, chance of snow showers, highs near 32. 

Glidewax: Windy conditions are likely to dry the snow out, so MF waxes could be as fast as HF in the drier, windblown snow. That said, the warmer conditions will still likely result in a higher moisture content. 

Base: SGG Graphite or LF8 Blue, scraped and brushed.

Glide: HF4 Red mixed with HF8 Blue, 2;1 Red to Blue, scraped and brushed. 

Topcoat: HF11 Block (5...-10C), corked and brushed, then polished with fiberlene.