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California Gold Rush Festival, Royal Gorge XC, Soda Springs, CA

45/30/15k distances, freestyle mass start, multiple laps.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 14, temps at start 20. High temps of around 30F. New snow all week, packed powder conditions. Mostly cloudy with light winds and 20% chance of snow showers during the race.


Base: MF8 Blue (-7..-12C), scraped and brushed.

Glide: FHF4 (-1..-6), scraped and brushed. HF line option: HF4 Red (0...-3), scraped and brushed.

Topcoat: FHF7 Powder (-1...-5C) ironed, roto-corked and brushed. Finish with FHF3 liquid.  HF line option: HF7 powder, ironed, Roto-corked and brushed. Apply HF11 block last, hand corking and brushing. Re-brush before race start.