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Winthrop Ski Derby, 30/15K Classic, Chickadee Trailhead, Winthrop, WA

Forecast/Conditions: Friday high reaching 38, rain/snow likely. Friday night low of 30 with possible precip. Chance of rain/snow falling during the event, temps around 34 at race start. Firm tracks, good coverage.


Base: BWLF fluor base wax, or LF8 Blue. 

Glide: FHF2, or HF4 Red. 

Top: FHF5 powder, ironed and brushed. Finish with FHF1 liquid, 2-3 drops per side of the groove.


Base: Base klister, heated with torch or heat gun.

Kick: Thin layer of Purple Klister, then FHF10 Klister mixed with Universal Wide klister.  If snow is drier, then apply Red Klister over the purple layer. Then, blend Black Magic Fluor with the Red klister. Cover with FHF20 grip.