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Race of the Methow JNQ, Classic Sprints. Liberty Bell High School, Winthrop, WA

Forecast/Conditions: Fully transformed snow. Friday high of 34, overnight low of 16 Friday night. Sunday, sunny skies with high of 34 by end of race. 


Base: BM6 Molybdenum Fluor, scraped while bases still warm, and brushed. U14 and younger, LF8 Blue scraped and brushed.

Glide: U16 and older: HF4 Red and HF8 Blue mixed 2:1, scraped and brushed. U14 and younger, LF4 Red and LF8 Blue mixed 1:1, scraped and brushed.

Top: HF11 block (5...-10C) crayoned on and Roto-corked, brushed and polished.


Base: Rough up kick zone with 150grit sandpaper, and apply Base or Blue Klister.

Grip: Apply Purple Klister blended with MFW Red Klister