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Last Chance Race, Vasaloppet Nordic Center, Mora, MN

9 A.M. 1-3 laps of 5K-10K each depending on grooming Classic and Skate divisions. Self-seeded mass start


Base: MF8 or LF8 Blue, or BM6 Green

Glider: BM4 Moly, or HFxt REd/ HF4 Red

Topcoat: HFxt Purple Finishing Gel. BMR5 Block will also be excellent.

Gripwax: Clean and sand bases. Apply a layer of Base Klister, and iron into gripzone. Cork smooth. After cooling, apply a layer of Purple Klister, and cork smooth. After cooling, apply a layer of Oslo Racing Purple Special, using the “dab-and-twist” method. Cork smooth, but avoid blending with the klister. Apply a 2nd thin layer of Oslo Purple after 1st layer cools.