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Black Mountain 31K Classic, Rippling Rapids Golf Course, Cheboygan, MI

10 A.M., 31K Classic, Mass start; 10K Tour.


Base: LF10 Green or MF10 Green

Glider: HF8 Blue

Topcoat: HF11 block, ironed through a sheet of Fiberlene, and/or HFxt Blue Finishing Gel.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzones. Apply a thin layer of Base, and crayon a layer of Synthetic Blue Grip on top. Iron the Base and Blue together, and let cool. After cooling, cork smooth, and add another layer of Synthetic Blue. Then add 4 alternating layers of RF Red and RF Blue, finishing with RF Blue (Red/Blue/Red/Blue). Go shorter with the RF Red layers, and cork the RF Blue lightly on top so as not to blend the wax layers.