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American Birkebeiner

American Birkebeiner Trail. Cable to Hayward, Wisconsin.

Updated 02/20/2019 at 6pm local time.

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Kevin Kj Johnson just skied 15km of the course Wednesday afternoon and tested waxes.

Blue is better than Purple at the moment even with all the new 26F snow.

HFXT8/HF8 Blue was much better than HFXT6/HF6 Purple

HFXT Blue Finishing Gel was much better than HFXT Purple Finishing Gel

HF9 finishing powder was slightly better than HF7 finishing Powder.

This new snow is going to fall with temps in the low- to mid-twenties (Fahrenheit) so this will slightly “warm” the snowpack.

After the snow falls, the lowest temp we’ll see before the race is 11-12F early Friday morning. Thursday and Friday afternoon both look to see temps reaching the upper 20s.

With more new snow beginning to fall Friday night when the temps are in the mid-twenties, and temps only falling to 18F overnight…

If all of the above hold true, the conditions on race morning will be perfect Start “Blue” conditions.

It will be another awesome Birkie!  

Our Current Recommendation (posted WEDNESDAY 02/20/19 at 6PM local)

Glider - XTra Fast

Base. Start MF8 Blue or Start BWLF

Glide. Start HFXT Blue (or HF6 Blue)

Finishing Gel, Start HFXT Blue Gel

Fluor Powder. Start HF9 for Early Finishers, HF7 for late finishers. Both will be fairy similar in this snow.

Glider - Fast but Economical

Base. Start SG8 Blue

Glide. Start MF6 Purple

Finishing Agent. Start HFXT Blue Gel or Start HF11 Fluor Block


Base. Start Base. One thin layer, ironed.

Main Kick. Start Synthetic Blue, first layer ironed.

Finishing Kick. Start FHF80 Blue for early starters and Start FHF60 Red for late starters. Start Terva Blue and Red would be good alternatives, too.

***If you like to bring extra waxes with you during the race, FHF60 Red, RF Red, Terva Red and Synthetic Purple would all be good options. 

Ski Selection

Medium-Soft Flex skis for Universal conditions with a Universal or Cold-Universal stonegrind.

Consider adding mid/cold-conditions hand structure such as a light tranversal or chevron-shaped structure like Start Diagonal-Fine 0.5, Start W-Fine 0.5, Red Creek 0/-10, Red Creek -5/-15 or similar from another manufacturer.

Skin Skis

Start Skin Grip Paste to clean followed by Skin Grip HF Spray

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Get the wax at your local race centers including;

Bike Doc, Boulder Nordic Sport, Continental, FinnSisu, Gear West, Hoigaard’s, Mel’s Trading Post, Minocqua Winter Park, Pioneer Midwest, Ski Hut.

In Hayward, Seeley, Cable area get our products at New Moon, Riverbrook and Start Line Inn

See you at the Birkie Expo.

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