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Woodland Loppet, Woodland Hills Trails, Elk River, MN

Sunday, February 17. 10 A.M.. 20K/10K, Freestyle. Mass start on a 10K loop


Base: LF10 Green

Glider: HF10 Green, or MF10 Green.


Option 1: HF13 Block, ironed through a sheet of fiberlene, then a second layer rubbed on and hand-or roto-corked. Polish with designated fluor brushes.

Option 2: HF9 Fluor powder, ironed, then “brushed up”, and ironed again. Hand- or roto-cork, then polish.

Option 3: Apply a thin layer of HF13 over the HF9 powder, and hand-cork and brush.

Option4: New HFxt Blue Finishing Gel either applied alone over the glider layer, or on top of the powder or block. Hand-cork and brush.