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Krazy Klassic, Huron Meadows Metropark, Brighton, MI

Sunday, January 13th, 10:30am. 12/8K classic lengths, wave starts. Multiple laps of manmade snow.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 22, temps rising to 28F by race start. Manmade snow. Partly cloudy w/20% chance of light overnight snow.

Glidewax: Apply BM6 Green or LF8 Blue, scraped while still warm. Apply HF6, scrape and brush. If no new snow overnight, then apply BM4 instead of HF6.

Topcoat: Crayon HF11 block onto the ski base. Iron into the base through a sheet of fiberlene. After ironed HF11 cools, hand-cork and polish.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply thin layer of Base Extra wax with torch or iron, and cork smooth. Allow to cool, recork lightly, and apply 2 layers of Synthetic Blue. Then apply 2 layers of Oslo Racing Super, using the dab and twist method of application. Allow to cool, then apply a thin layer of FHF60 grip, again using the dab and twist method. Cork lightly.