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River View Loppet, After Hours Trail, Brule, WI

12/24k classic, 24/12k Freestyle. Mass start by gender. 12k loop used for all races.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 22F, temps at start near 32F. Expect icy, transformed snow mixed with some new snow. 


Base: LF8 Blue, scraped while bases still warm, and brushed. 

Glide: HF4 Red and HF8 Blue, mixed 2:1 Red to Blue. Scrape and brush.

Top: HF5 Powder, ironed, corked and brushed. Crayon HF11 block on top of the HF5 powder and hand-cork, or directly on top of the HF4/HF8 layer, ironing through a fiberlene sheet, then corking and brushing. 


Base: Rough up kickzone 150grit. Iron on a layer of Start Base Klister. Apply Start Wide Universal Klister, mixed with Start Purple Klister 1:1. Let cool, then apply a layer of Black Magic Fluor grip over the top.