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Pepsi Challenge, Giant's Ridge, Biwabik, MN

9am Classic race start; 9:30am Skate race start. 50/25km skate and classic race distances. Wave start

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 20F, 26F at start and highs of 39F. Mix of transformed and fresh snow, tilled. Partly cloudy with a chance of snow. 


Base: LF8 Blue, scraped and brushed

Glide: HF4 Red and HF8 Blue, mixed 2:1 Red to Blue, scrape and brush. 

Topcoat: HF7 Powder, ironed, corked and brushed. HF11 Block, either alone or on top of  the HF7 powder layer, will be excellent.  HF1 Liquid on top of the HF7 powder will be good as well.


Base: Roughen base with 150grit sandpaper.  Iron in a layer of Start Base Klister, and then 2 layers of Start Synthetic Blue, then apply Start RF Purple and Black Magic Fluor, mixed and corked together. Let cool, and finish with a layer of FHF60.

Earlier Event: February 20
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