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Black Mountain Freestyle, Bluffs on Black Lake, Cheboygan, MI

20K freestyle, Mass start, 4 laps of 5km loop.

Forecast/conditions; Overnight low of 16F with temps at race start 22F. Mostly sunny. Conditions machine groomed, hard-packed and transformed snow.


Base: LF8 or MF8 Blue, scraped while bases still warm, then brushed moderately

Glide: HF8 ironed, scraped while bases still warm, then brushed with metal and  horsehair brushes, followed by hard and soft nylon brushes.  

Topcoat: Start HF7 (-2..-7C) Powder, ironed, corked and brushed. Handcorking a layer of HF11 block (5...-10C) on top of the powder will ideal. Otherwise, an ironed and corked layer of HF11 directly on top of the HF8 wax (through a sheet of fiberlene) will be fast as well.