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Birkie Wax Rec

American Birkebeiner 2018 Waxing Suggestions

Long Term Forecast: as of 2/23 @ 8am

For Birkebeiner: Saturday Feb 24


The new snow that fell on Thursday night is warm and moderately wet, but it will sit and dry out all day on Friday, and will get cold overnight on Friday night.

I like to look at the dew point and wind-speed in combination with the actual air temperature to give an indication of how quickly the snow will "warm" when the temperature swings as quickly as it likely will on Saturday. The dew point remains below 20F for most of the day and there will be winds form 5-10 mph, which means the snow is unlikely to get saturated with moisture; even if it does get a little glazed. 

The new snow forecast for Saturday is likely to be light (if at all) for most of the afternoon, and the relative humidity when the snow is falling is low by Midwest standards, so our estimate is that the kick waxing won't become "crazy-impossible". 

It will be another awesome Birkie!  


Race day lows 10F

Elite women start at 8:30 (men 8:50) around 12F finish 11:50 temps around 27F.

Middle Wave start 9:30 finish at 1:30-2:30 temps around 31F.

Last wave start at 10:00 finish 3:30 until 5pm high temp 33F.



Start Blue #8 (10F-20F) is best hardness for early finishers.

Start Purple #6 (19-28F) is best hardness for late finishers.


Good = LF Proper hardness + ~ 5% Fluor for humidity & dirt

Better = MF Proper hardness + ~ 10% Fluor for humidity & dirt

Best = HF Proper hardness + ~ 20% Fluor for humidity & dirt

Rocket Fuel = FHF Freaking High Fluor Proper Hardness + 20% Nano Fluor


Finishing Fluor: Over your Glider for humidity and dirt management

Fast = MF3 Liquid lots of fluor at a low price

Faster = HF11 Purple block or FHF11 Universal block

Faster yet = HF9 Blue Powder for early finishers - HF7 Purple powder late finishers

Rocket Fuel= FHF9 Freaking High Fluor Powder (7-23F) Blue Powder early finishers

           FHF7 purple powder(23-30F) late finishers



Start Base ironed, cooled followed by Start Synthetic Blue ironed on top and cooled will provide a perfect base for all Birkie classic skiers. 

Start Oslo Blue for early finishers covered by FHF Red 60 (RF Red, Terva Red and GripTape Cover Wax would be good alternatives)

Start Oslo Purple for late finishers covered by (RF Red, Terva Red and GripTape Cover Wax would be good alternatives)

***If you like to bring extra waxes with you during the race, RF Purple, FHF 40 Purple, Terva Purple would all be good options. 


Skin Skis:

Start Skin Grip Paste to clean followed by Skin Grip HF Spray or FHF1


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Get the wax at your local race centers including;

Bike Doc, Continental, FinnSisu, Gear West, Hoigaards, Ski Hut, Mels, Minocqua,

and our Birkie expo wax partner, Pioneer Midwest.

 At in Hayward, Seeley, Cable area get our products at New Moon, Riverbrook and Start Line Inn

See you at the Birkie Expo.

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