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Snowflake and Inga-Lami Races, Baker Park, Maple Plain, MN

Mass Start format, 8:30am men's 11K skate, 9am Women's 11K Skate

Forecast/conditions: overnight low of 12, rising to 20 for race start. Mostly cloudy with a slight breeze, 30% chance of snow during the race. Expect machine-packed, transformed snow. Base will be thin and dirty in spots. Expect icy patches.


Base: BM6 Molybdenum Fluor, scraped while still warm, then brushed.

Glide: HF8 Blue and HF6 Violet mixed 1:1, scraped and brushed. 

Top: HF11 Fluoro Block (5...-10C) Roto-corked and brushed. Alternate method, iron through a sheet of fiberlene, then Roto-cork (or hand-cork vigorously), finishing with nylon polishing brush. Rebrush before racing.