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Woodland Loppet, Woodland Hills Trails, Elk River, MN

20K/10K Skate, Mass start, 10K loop

Forecast/Conditions: Thaw/freeze in effect, with high winds and a 40% chance of snow before Friday. Friday night low will be 12, Sunday race start temp expected to be 24F. Partly sunny with a slight breeze. Expect transformed snow, machine packed and firm but dirty from tree debris.


Base: Apply LF10 Green, Scraped while bases still warm, and brush.

Glide: HF6 Violet, scraped and brushed. 

Top: HF11 Fluoro block, either Roto-corked and polished with a soft nylon brush, or ironed through a fiberlene sheet, and then either Roto-corked or hand-corked vigorously before brushing. Re-brush before race.