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Minnesota Finlandia, Buena Vista Ski Trail, Bemidji, MN

10am: 25k Classic and 25 K pursuit start

 10:10am 50K Freestyle and 25 Bemidjithon

Forecast/Conditions:  Friday night low expected to be around 8F, with mostly cloudy skies. Windy with a slight chance of snow. Racetime temps around 15F with partly sunny skies. 


Base: Apply LF10 Green, scraped while bases still warm, brushed.

Glide: Apply HF10 Green and HF8 Blue mixed 1:1, scraped while bases still warm, brush with fine steel or copper brush, then horsehair and hard nylon.

Top: Apply HF9 Powder (-5...-15C) via 150C iron. Brush up and then iron again. Allow to cool, then scrape lightly and brush completely with a hard nylon brush. Recork with a Roto-cork for better ski feel. Alternate: Crayon layer of HF13, ironed through a fiberlene sheet, and recorking. Brush out again before racing.


Base: Rough chicken with 150grit sandpaper, then iron on a layer of Start Base Extra wax

Grip: Apply 3 layers of Start Synthetic Blue, then 2 layers of Start Synthetic Green. Finish with a layer of Oslo Green.