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Book Across the Bay, Maslowski Beach, Ashland to Washburn, WI

10Km, skate and classic races, wave start. Point to point race.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low around 7F, temps at race start mid 20s. Clear skies.


Base: LF Green, scraped while bases still warm, and brushed

Glide: HF6 Violet, scraped and brushed.

Top: HF11 Fluor Block (5C..-10C), either Roto-corked and brushed, or ironed through a sheet of fiberlene, and brushed.


Base: Start Base ironed, then smoothed with cork.

Grip: Apply 2 layers of Start Synthetic blue, then 2 layers of RF Red. Finish with a layer of RF Blue to speed up the grip wax.