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Vasa Classic, 34/16/6km Classic, Wave Starts; Timber Ridge Resort, Traverse City, MI

Conditions/forecast: Overnight low of 7F with temps at race start 15F. Partly sunny skis.  Hard packed powder tracks.


Base: LF8 Blue, scraped and brushed;

Glide: HF10 Green, scraped while still warm, brushed with fine steel or copper brush, then horsehair then hard nylon brush. 

Top: HF13/SF92 Block, rubbed on and ironed through a sheet of fiberlene. Brush with dedicated soft nylon brush.


Base: Rough base with 150grit sandpaper. Iron in Base Extra, let cool and cork smooth.

Grip: Apply two layers of Synthetic Blue, then 2-3 layers of RF Blue. Cover with a thin layer or 2 of Tar Green.