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North End Classic, 24/12km, Classic, North End Trailhead, Cable, WI

Forecast/Conditions: Saturday night low around -4F, partly cloudy. Race start temps around 10F w/partly cloudy skies.


Base: LF10 Green or BM6 Molybdenum Fluor, scraped and brushed. 

Glide: MF10 Green, scraped and brushed. Use copper or fine steel brush, then horsehair and then hard nylon brush. 

Top: HF13/SF92 block, rubbed on and ironed through a layer of fiberlene. Brush out with a dedicated fluor-use soft nylon brush


Base: Rough kickzone with 150grit sandpaper.  Iron on a layer of Base Extra

Grip: 2 layers of Synthetic Blue, followed by 2-3 layers of Synthetic Green.  Cover with 2 thin layers of Tar Green