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Nordic Spirit Ski Race, Spirit Mtn, Duluth, MN. 14km Classic, 26/14k Skate Mass

10am race start classic, 10:15 race start Skate

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low 10F, temps at racetime 15F.  Possibly trace of new snow, mostly cloudy. Icy, transformed snow.


Base: BM6 Molybdenum Fluor 

Glider: HF10 Green scraped while base is still warm, brushed with metal and hard nylon brush;

Top: HF9/HF7 Fluor powder mixed 50:50. Ironed, brushed up, re-ironed. Brush and polish.


Base: Blue Klister ironed if no new snow, followed by a very thin layer of Purple Klister. If new snow, Base Extra hardwax ironed into base. 

Kick: 2-3 layers Synthetic blue, followed by 2 layers of Oslo Racing Blue, covered with a layer of Oslo Racing Green.