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Base. Start BWLF or LF8 blue

Race Glide. Start HF4 red or MF4 red.

Fluor Powder. Start HF5 red (formerly SFR40) powder or HF11 uni block (formerly SFR99) applied thickly and ironed. 

Top Coat. Start HF11 uni block (formerly SFR99) or Start HF1 or MF1 red liquid 

***We've had fantastic luck with the combo of MF4 Red with FM1 red liquid over the top on the Noque trail this winter!! It's a great combo at an economical price.***


Base Kick. Start Base Extra, ironed. 

Main Kick. Start RF Purple

Final Layer. Start FHF40 purple 

-If additional kick is needed, consider Start Oslo purple before applying the final layer of FHF40 purple.