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Badger State Games, Nine Mile Forest, Wausau, WI. Classic and Skate races, wave starts

Racing throughout the day, starting at 9am until 1:50pm. See Badger State games schedule for more details.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight temps will be around 26F. Temps will steadily rise into the low 30s by the early afternoon. Mostly sunny skies. Track will be deteriorate and soften throughout the multiple lap event. Variable snow conditions of sun and shade, with some fresh snow. 


Base: BM4 Molybdenum Fluor, scraped and brushed

Glide: HF4 paraffin glider, scraped and brushed. 

Top: HF7 Fluor Powder (-2..-7C) ironed, brushed up, re-ironed and brushed. Finish with HF11 Block (5...-10C) roto-corked, brushed and polished.


Base: Base Wax ironed, and cooled. Add 2 layers of Synthetic Blue.

Grip: 2 Layers Oslo Racing Violet, then 1 layer Oslo Blue. Final layer of FHF60