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Midwest Junior Championships and Festival

Wirth Park. Minneapolis, MN

Preceding Weather. Lows in the 20s highs around freezing. 

Race Day Weather. Overnight low around 25F with temps rising to 30F by morning race time and increasing through the day to 45F by afternoon race time.  

Snow Conditions. Old, icy/granular and dirty snow. 

Glide Wax. 

Base. Start SGG Graphite or Start BWG Graphite. 

Race Wax. Start "Purple" range waxes. The more fluoro the better! Start BM4 Purple would be ideal!  We are suggesting the Purple waxes rather than the Red/Yellow waxes the temperatures would suggest because the Purples are a little harder and will be better at resisting dirt.  

Fluoro. Start BMR5 Block or Start BMR9 Liquid for dirty and wet snow.

Kick Wax.

Base. Start Base Klister

Main Kick. Start Oslo Purple in the early races. Start Uni Wide klister for later starters.  

Cover Wax. (May not be needed) Start BM Fluor hardwax.  

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