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MN HS Section 3 Championships

UPDATED Sunday Feb 5 @ 9:30am

Theodore Wirth Park. Minneapolis, MN

Preceding Weather. Highs in the upper 20s, lows in the upper teens.  Temps hovering around 32F overnight with snow beginning at Midnight.  

Race Day Weather. Snowing and windy with accumulations of 1-3 inches during the day. Start time temp should be around 30F staying between 29F and 31F through the afternoon.

Snow Conditions. Expect new snow falling on highly-transformed, dirty granular snow.  

Glide Wax.

Base Wax. Start LF10 Green or Start SGG Graphite are both good options.  

Race Wax. HF6 Purple. Start MF6 or LF6 Purple would be good economic options. 

Fluoro: Start FHF11 block and FHF3 liquid corked together if new snow. Start SFR300 liquid if no significant accumulation. Start SFR 99 block would be a "universal" choice regardless of how much (or little) new snow accumulates.      


Kick Wax (Option 1, assuming minimal or no new snow)

Base Wax. Start Base Extra, thin and ironed. 

Main Wax. Start FHF30 Purple Klister. Start Oslo Purple may be another good choice.

Final Layer: Start BM Fluor kick wax or Start FHF60 Red kick wax.  Start RF Red may be another good choice.

Kick Wax (Option 2, assuming there is new snow and/or actively falling snow)

Base Wax. Start Base, thin and ironed. 

Main Wax. Start Oslo Purple hardwax. 

Final Layer: Start FHF40 Purple kick wax.  Start FHF60 Red, Terva Purple or Terva Red may be a good alternatives depending on how wind-blown the new snow is and/or how much kick each individual skier likes.

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