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City of Lakes Loppet Freestyle

Updated Wed Feb 1 @ 9:45am

Theodore Wirth Park. Minneapolis, MN


Right now we're waiting to see how much new snow will accumulate Saturday afternoon/evening; and what the grooming plans will be for mixing the new snow in with the old snow. If you had to wax skis now, our guess is the snow will act colder than the air temps indicate because it is forecast to be windy when the snow falls which dries the snow out. And the snowpack that is currently there is hard and abrasive. Both of these indicate using a colder wax than the air temp so we're focusing on the "blue" range of waxes. We will update again as we are able to test on Thursday and Friday; and when we get a better idea of the snow fall and grooming situation.  

Preceding Weather. Highs around 20F, lows around 8F. 

Race Day Weather. Start time temp should be around 22F for the Freestyle Marathon and 25F for the Puoli Loppet, topping out around 28F by the afternoon. 

Snow Conditions. Expect new snow mixed with highly-transformed, dirty granular snow. 

Glide Wax.

Base Wax. Start LF10 Green or Start SGG Graphite

Race Wax. HF8 Blue. Start MF8 or LF8 Blue would be good economic options. 

Fluoro: Start SFR75 blue powder. SFR99 block would be great economic option.   

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