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City of Lakes Loppet Classic

Updated Thurs Feb 3 @ 11pm

Theodore Wirth Park. Minneapolis, MN


Right now we're waiting to hear what the grooming plans will be for race-day. Kick wax testing on Wednesday indicated FHF Purple klister (without a cover) was good, but covering the klister with BM Fluor hard wax made the skis much faster without taking away from the kick. Oslo Blue (over Base Wax Extra) was also really good, but we only skied for about 4km so I'm not confident that would last for the full 30km distance. We will do more durability testing on Friday morning and we'll update the recommendation as soon as we're done testing around noon.  

Preceding Weather. Highs around 20F, lows around 10F. 

Race Day Weather. Start time temp should be around 18F for the Hoigaards Classic Marathon and 26F for the Puoli Loppet, topping out around 32F by the afternoon.

Snow Conditions. Expect highly-transformed, dirty granular snow.  

Glide Wax.

Base Wax. Start BM6 Green. Start LF10 Green or Start SGG Graphite would be good economic options.  

Race Wax. HF8 Blue. Start MF8 or LF8 Blue would be good economic options. 

Fluoro: Start SFR60 purple powder. SFR99 block would be great economic option.   

Kick Wax

Base Wax. Start Base Klister, thin and ironed. 

Main Wax. Start FHF30 Purple Klister. Start Purple Klister may be another good choice.

Final Layer: Start BM Fluor kick wax or Start FHF60 Red kick wax.  Start RF Blue or Synthetic Purple may be another good choice. 

Skin Skis

Wipe skin with Fiberlene to clean most of the dirt. Apply Start Skin Grip and wipe clean with Fiberlene. Repeat until Fiberlene shows no more dirt. 

Spray Start Fluoro Skin Grip on the skin.  This should be done on race morning.  

For maximum speed, apply Start SFR300 liquid to skin about 15 minutes before the race start. 

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