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Minnesota Finlandia

Buena Vista Ski Trails. Bemidji, MN

Preceding Weather. Lows in the upper 20s, high around 40F on Friday.  

Race Day Weather. Low temp dropping to 28F with start time temp at 31F going to upper 30s by the end of the race.  Humidity will be really high with fog likely. 

Snow Conditions. Expect transformed icy snow transitioning to transformed wet snow. .  

Glide Wax. 

Base. Start BM6 Green or LF8 Blue

Race Wax. Start FHF4 Purple. HF4 Red, MF4 Red or LF4 Red would be good economic alternatives. 

Fluoro. Start  FHF5 Powder. Start SFR40 Powder would be a good alternative. Start SFR99 Block would be a good economic option.  

Kick Wax. 

Base. Start Base Klister, thin and ironed 

Main Wax. Start FHF50 Universal Klister. Start Uni Wide mixed 1:1 with Uni Plus or Red would be a good alternative.  

Final Layer. Start BM Fluor hardwax; thin layer smoothed with the palm of your hand

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