Wisconsin HS State Meet

UPDATED Thursday February 9 @ 10am. Look for more updates on Friday! 

Birkie Start Trailhead. Cable, WI

Skate Saturday - Classic Pursuit Sunday. 

Discussion. The frigid overnight temps Tuesday through Thursday night should be enough to keep the snow-pack acting colder than the air temps throughout the weekend. My best-guess is that even if the thermometer hits 35-37F on Friday, the snow won't transform very much and waxing will be more similar to typical upper-twenties waxing than mid-thirties waxing.   

Preceding Weather. After cold temps Wednesday and Thursday (lows around 0F, highs around 10F), Friday will be warmer (apx 35F). Overnight temp should drop to 21F on Friday night. 

Race Day Weather. Both Saturday and Sunday look to start out around 25F topping out at 34F by the afternoon; but staying below freezing for the duration of the race.  

Snow Conditions. Expect some transformed snow mixed with untransformed snow. 

Glide Wax.

Base Wax. Start BWLF (Base Wax Low Fluoro) is perfect for this type of condition. Start LF8 Blue or SG8 Blue are good economy options.  

Race Wax. Start HF6 Purple. MF6 or LF6 Purple would be good economy options. 

Fluoro:  SFR99 block will be dynamite. If the snow does transform moderately on Friday and Saturday, Start SFR300 liquid could be a good option on Sunday.  

Kick Wax

Base Wax. Start Base, thin and ironed. 

Main Wax. Start Synthetic Purple. Other waxes that might be worth testing are Oslo Blue, Synthetic Blue, Oslo Purple, FHF60 Red and RF Red. 

Final Layer: FHF60 Red or RF Red hardwax, thin and lightly smoothed with the palm of your hand. 

February 11
Pre Birkie
February 12
North End Classic