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Seeley Hills Classic

(as of 01/12/17 @ 9am)

"00" Trailhead on the Birkie Trail. Seeley, WI. 

42km/22km Classic

Preceding Weather. CRAZY cold on Thursday night (-26F) with temps around 0F on Friday. Low temp Friday night -4F. 

Race Day Weather. Start time temp should be low single digits above 0F rising to 10-15F by the time most folks finish, topping out around 18F by the afternoon. 

Glide. Base Wax. Start LF10 Green.

Race Wax. Start MF10 Green.  

Fluoro: Start SFR75 powder or Start SFR92 block. 

Kick. Base Wax. Start Base thin and ironed. Start Synthetic Green thin and ironed over the base.

Main Wax. Start Synthetic Green, 2-3 layers.

Final Layers. Start Terva Black, 1-2 layers. 

Bring Start Synthetic Green along in your pack as an insurance wax should you need to apply more wax.  

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