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City Of Lakes Loppet Sunday

City of Lakes Loppet

Sunday Feb 7 Minneapolis MN

Temp/Snow: New snow mid to high 20’s chance if ice snow

Base layer:  SG6 Purple

Glider: Start Purple 20-28F

Good: Start LF6 Purple  ~ 5% Purple Fluor –

Better: Start MF6 Purple ~10% Purple Flour

Near Best: Start HF6 Purple~ 20% Purple Fluor

Best yet: Start FHF6 Purple 20%SuperPurpleFlour

100% Fluor Finishing Wax:

Better Fluor: SFR 99 Purple Wide Block

Best Flour: Start SF 30 Red Powder


Start Base Extra Binder- ironed in

Start RF Red 

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Later Event: February 5
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