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American Birkebeiner Wax Rec

Start Wax

American Birkebeiner Feb 20 Race Wax Suggestions

 Feb 19  night update


Saturday morning low 33F, Start temps 34 High temps 38F+


Glide= Start Purple 28°...19°F

Because for a dirty marathon a wax harder than the air temp will be faster. 

Base: SG6 Purple or better LF Base Wax

Good Race Glide: Start LF6 Purple ~5% Purple Fluor

Better Race Glide: Start MF6 Purple ~10% Purple Fluor

Near Best Race Glide: Start HF6 Purple ~20% Purple Fluor

World Cup Race Glide: Start FHF4 Purple >20% Purple Nano Fluor

Start 100% Fluor Finishing Wax: Yes, it will make your Birkie faster  

It will manage moisture and repel all the road race start and road crossing dirt

Any of these Start Fluors will make you faster

Good Flour: Start SFR 99 Purple Block

Better Fluor: Start SF 30 Red Powder

Near Best Fluor: Start SFR60 Purple Powder

World Cup Flour: Start FHF7 Purple Nano Fluor

Olympic Champion Start FHF1 Pure Nano Fluor Liquid under FHF 7 Powder  

Kick Wax:

Klister options:

Start Base Klister under Start uni wide klitser with drops of red


Start Base Klister  under Start FHF 50 Uni  with MFW red


Start Grip Tape: Secure kick all day

Start Anti Ice on Skin Skis Kick Zones; FHF 1 if every second counts. 


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