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Silver Crest Nordic Challenge, Kings Hill Winter Recreation Area, Neihart, MT

10 A.M. & 11:30 A.M. start times. 20K, 11K, 5K, Freestyle & Classic techniques


Base: LF10 or MF10 Green

Glider: HF10 Green

Topcoat: HF13 block, ironed through a sheet of fiberlene, then hand-corked and brushed, and/or HFxt Blue Finishing Gel. For Finishing Gel, dab on using foam applicator and spread to cover the base. Allow to dry, then roto- or hand-cork. Brush out with designated fluor brush.

Gripwax: CLean and sand gripzone. Iron on a layer of Synthetic Green hardwax. Apply 2 more layers of Synthetic Green, covered with 2 layers of Tar Green.