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Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour, Harriman Trail, Ketchum, ID

Saturday, February 2. 10 am wave start.

Forecast/conditions: An overnight low of 24F at Galena Summit, with a daytime high of 33. Cold from previously will refrigerate new snow. New snow expected, possibly mixed with rain. Clean, new snow. Firm conditions.

Glidewax: Pretty easy conditions for waxing expected, so nothing to get too wrapped around the axle about. If you are finishing with an HF wax, then basewax with MF or LF. If finishing with an MF, then base with LF or SG, and so on.

Base: SG/LF/MF8 Blue, scraped and brushed.

Glide: LF/MF/HF6 Purple, scraped and brushed with copper then stiff nylon brush.

Topcoat: HFxt Purple Finishing Gel, roto- or hand-corked. Apply 2nd layer of Purple Gel after base has cooled, hand-cork. Brush out with designated nylon polishing brush. Re-brush after warming up/testing skis. The HFxt Finishing Gels have been very fast, and are making application of topcoats ridiculously easy. Durability is excellent as well.

Structure: Medium cross broken structure recommended, (.75 or 1.0mm) applied before HFxt Finishing Gel. Ski choice should be something like a Salomon S/Lab Red, or Fischer Speedmax Plus, i.e. softer tip, higher camber underfoot, with short hotspot in the front to handle moisture.

Have a great day at the BMT!