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Alley Loop Ski Marathon, Crested Butte, CO

Saturday, Feb 2nd, 9am wave start. Various distances and courses. 42/21/10/5k races, classic and skate.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 0F, temps at start 10-18F. High of 32 during the day. Partly sunny, minimal wind. Alleys will have dirty, transformed snow, clean powder on trails. Snow will stay cold and dry, despite warming temp.

Glidewax: Apply BM6 Molybdenum-fluor base layer, scrape and brush. Apply HF8 Blue, scrape and brush completely using metal, horsehair and hard nylon brushes.

Topcoat: HFxt Blue FInishing Gel would be ideal for these conditions. For the Blue Gel, spread on the length of the glide zone with the foam applicator, and then cork vigorously. After Gel has worked into the base, apply a 2nd layer of Blue gel, and repeat, corking by hand. Let base cool, and then brush with a designated nylon polishing brush. Note: HF13 and HF11 roto- or hand-corked together would also be fast. Apply the HF13 first, and then rub the HF11 on over the top. Cork both together, roto- or hand. Apply a 2nd layer of the combo, and hand-cork to finish. Brush out with designated fluor brushes. Make sure to re-brush your skis after testing or warming up.

Grip: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply a layer of Base Wax, and iron in. Wipe off excess from base, grooves, and edges. Let cool, and cork smooth. Apply 2 layers of Synthetic Blue, then 2-3 layers of RF Racing Fluor Blue for 21K racers. For 42k race, apply a layer of RF Racing Fluor Red after the 2 layers of Synthetic Blue. Cork smooth, and add a layer of RF Blue, corking lightly to smooth. Add one more layer of RF Red under the toe, corking smooth, then a last layer of RF Blue. Oslo Blue Extra over the top could be a very good additive to handle the coarse, dirty snow found in the alleys. MFW Blue could also work as a cover.