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Race for the Diamonds, Ponderosa State Park, McCall, ID

Sunday, January 6, 11am. Team relay, 5k legs. Skate, mass start.

Forecast/conditions: Warming throughout the end of the week, with an overnight low of 26F. 30F at race time. Packed powder, with a 70% chance of snow during the race. 85% RH.

Glidewax: Junior racers ( no fluoros) : Apply SG8 Blue, scrape and brush. Apply SG4 Red, scrape and brush. For non-juniors: Apply LF8 or MF8 Blue glider, scraped and brushed. Then apply HF4 Red or FHF4, scraped and brushed.

Topcoat: Lots of options in these conditions, HF11 Block and FHF11 block hand- or Roto-corked, and brushed. HF1 Liquid, applied to the base and spread with a finger, then hand-corked and brushed. HFxt Purple Gel Finisher would also be fast and easy to apply: Dab onto the base via the sponge applicator, hand cork, and brush.