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The Snowmaker Classic, Lake Creek Ski Trails, Ketchum, ID

Saturday, January 5, 11am. 10/5/3k, classic technique.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight mostly cloudy with a low of 13, Temps at race start in the low 20s with 20% chance of snow. Old, cold, wind-blown snow with a slight chance of new snow.

Glidewax: Apply LF10 Green, Scrape while still warm, and brush. Apply HF8 or MF8 Blue, scraping while still warm, and brushing with metal and hard nylon brushes. For topcoat, apply HF13 Block, hand- or Roto-corked, then brush with a designated fluor brush, and polish.

Gripwax: Sand grip zone with 150ish grit sandpaper. Apply Base Wax, heating it in and letting it cool. Apply 3-5 layers of Synthetic Blue. NOTE: Black Magic Molybdenum Non-Fluor gripwax could be a very good final layer blend with the last layer of Synthetic Blue.