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SMR Classic, Snow Mountain Ranch, Granby, CO

Saturday, January 5, 10am start. 15/7.5K, Classic technique. Mass start by distance, 7.5k loop.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 1F, air temps warming to upper teens by start. Sunny skies with light winds. Firm tracks with cold dry snow.

Glidewax: Apply LF10 Green, scraping while still warm and brushing. Apply HF10 Green, scraping while still warm, and brushing with metal and stiff nylon brushes.


Option 1: Apply HF13 block by crayoning it onto the ski base. Iron through a piece of fiberlene, moving tip to tail in one continuous pass. After ironing and cooling, re-cork by hand, and then brush and polish.

Option 2: Apply HF9 powder (-5C..-15C) to the ski base with a hot iron, brushing up after the first iron pass and re-ironing. Let cool, hand-cork vigorously, and then brush out with a dedicated fluor brush, and polish.

Gripwax: Sand grip zone. Apply a thin layer of Base Wax, using an iron or a torch. After Base cools, apply 3-4 layers of Synthetic Green. Finish with a layer of Tar Green.