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Ski Haus Classic, Catamount Touring Center, Steamboat Springs, CO

10AM race start, 14K/7K/5K/2K, classic technique. Mass start by distance.

Forecast/conditions: Saturday night low of 9F. Air temps warming to low 20s by race start, under mostly sunny skies with a slight breeze.

Glidewax: Apply LF10 Green, scrape and brush. Apply HF10 Green, scrape and brush with metal, horsehair and nylon brushes.

Topcoat: Option 1: Apply HFxt Gel Finisher Blue (-3…-12C), and hand cork. Option 2: Apply HFxt Gel Blue on top of HF11 block, and roto-cork together. Hand-cork after base cools, and polish with dedicated fluor brushes.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzones. Apply a thin layer of Base Wax and cork smooth. Apply 3-4 layers of Synthetic Blue, covering with a final layer of MFW Blue, or Tar Blue.