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Bogus Challenge-Obligatory Classic, Bogus Basin, Boise, ID

10K classic, Mass start, 2 laps.

Forecast/conditions: Saturday night low of 26, 30 at start with a high of 38. Groomed mix of new and transformed snow. Mostly cloudy.

Glidewax: Apply LF8 Blue, scrape and brush. Apply HF4 Red, scrape and brush.

Topcoat: Apply HF11 block, and iron through a sheet of fiberlene. AFter base cools, apply another layer of HF11, and hand-cork. Brush with dedicated fluor brushes.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply a layer of Base Green, ironed together with Base wax. Let cool, and apply a alternating layers of RF Racing Fluor Purple and RF Racing Fluor Blue, finishing with the Blue. Cover with a layer of BM Non-Fluor or MFW Blue.