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Wasatch Citizen Series Race #3, Soldier Hollow, Midway, UT

10am kids race start, 10:20am for adults. 10K skate.

Forecast/Conditions: Overnight low of 13F. Temps at race start mid 20s, sunny. Manmade mixed with some natural snow. Machine groomed.

Glidewax: Apply BM6 moly-fluor wax, or LF10. Scrape and brush. Apply HF10 Green, scrape and brush with metal, horsehair and nylon brushes.

Topcoat: Rub a thin layer of HF13 block onto the ski base. Iron the HF13 into the base, holding a sheet of fiberlene between the iron and base. After the base has cooled, rub a 2nd thin layer of HF13 onto the base, and hand-cork. Brush with designated nylon brush.