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Stagecoach Classic, Devil's Thumb Ranch, Tabernash, CO

Saturday, January 26. 7 A.M. shuttles start, 9 A.M. first race wave. 30K/15K, ClassicMass start by distance. Point to point

Forecast/conditions: Snow and wind Thursday and Friday evening. Friday night low of 7F, warming to mid teens for 9am start, low 20s for 10:30 am start. Cold/dry snow conditions.

Glidewax: Apply LF10 or MF10 Green. Scrape and brush. Apply HF10, scrape and brush with metal, horsehair, and stiff nylon brushes. Is possible that MF10 Green is as fast as HF10, as higher fluor will be less beneficial in cold, dry conditions.

Topcoat: HF13, ironed through a sheet of fiberlene. Apply a 2nd layer of HF13 after base cools, and hand-cork. Brush with designated fluor brushes. Rebrush after testing/warming up.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply thin layer of Base Wax, ironing into the base. Cork smooth, and let cool. Recork, and apply 2 layers of Synthetic Blue, followed by 2-3 layers of Tar Green. For 10:30 race start, use Tar Blue instead of Tar Green.