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Spud Chase, Teton Springs Resort, Victor, ID

Saturday, 1/26, 10am race start. 24K/12K, freestyle.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight lows in mid-teens, chance of snow. Race temp in mid 20s. Consistent snow over preceding week. Fresh, powder snow.

GLidewax: Apply LF or MF8 Blue, scrape and brush. Apply HF6 Purple, and scrape and brush.

Topcoat: Apply HF11 block by crayoning a layer onto the ski base. Roto-cork or iron through a sheet of fiberlene, and apply a 2nd layer of HF11, hand-corking. Speed option: HF3 liquid or HFxt gel finisher applied to the top of the HF11 and roto-corked together could be a very fast option.