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SoHo JNQ Super Qualifier, Soldier Hollow Nordic Center, Midway, UT

Saturday, January 19, 9am races start. 10k/5k/3/1k mass start Classic races.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 23F, temps at start high 20s, warming to mid 30s during the day. Snow mostly manmade, with a hard freeze overnight.


U16 and older: Apply BM6 moly/fluor, scrape and brush. Apply BM4 moly/fluor, scrape and brush. (Alt: HF4 Red) No topcoats allowed for junior racers. Re-brush after testing/warming up.

U14 and younger: Apply Magic Green non-fluorinated molybdenum wax, scrape and brush. Apply SG4 Red, scrape and brush. Re-brush after testing/warming up.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply Base Extra hardwax, making sure to remove from groove and edges. Apply 2 layers of Synthetic Blue,then 2 layers of RF Racing Fluor (or Synthetic Purple). Finish with a layer of Oslo Racing Special Purple, using a “dab and twist” method of application. Cork lightly to smooth. Alternate top layer: MFW Purple , or Black Magic Grip blended with Synthetic or RF Racing Purple. If rain on Friday, be prepared for klister conditions on Saturday, Special and Purple klisters blended on top of a Base Klister are likely options. Black Magic Grip over klister may prevent icing and increase speed.