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Potato Cup, Mink Creek Nordic Area, Pocatello, ID

10am race start. 15K/10K/5K, skate technique. Mass start, multiple 5k laps.

Forecast/conditions: SNow/rain mixed at the end of the week. Friday night low of 28, 32F at race start, with a daytime high of 35F. 30% chance of precip during race. 80% RH.

Glidewax: Apply new Magic Purple GLider, or BM4 Molybdenum fluor glidewax. Scrape and brush. Apply HF4 or HFxt Red, scrape and brush. For topcoat, apply BMR5 molybdenum/fluor block, ironing through a sheet of fiberlene, and hand-corking after the ski has cooled. Finish with a dedicated fluor polishing brush. Alt method: Apply HF1 liquid to the crayoned on BMR5, and roto-cork. OK to substitute HF11 block for BMR5.